Exceptional alternative investment opportunities for institutional grade investors

Investment Methodology

Alignment of interests and capital stewardship go hand-in-hand.

If alignment is not present, there is no investment worth undertaking, regardless of the opportunity. We go to great lengths to ensure that all interests relevant to the success of our litigation finance strategies are aligned with invested capital, including our own.

Diversification is critical to successful investing in the sector.

Given the inherent characteristics of the asset class and the nascent stage of the litigation finance market, we believe significant value is derived from the application of portfolio theory.

Identification and access to best-in-class managers

We believe only through comprehensive diligence of litigation manager performance, underwriting methodology, case access and operating consistency can high conviction performers be identified.

In some cases litigation managers identified as best-in-class do not have traditional investment funds in place. We take the time and effort to establish relationships and formulate funding mechanisms to invest alongside these high achieving managers.